The almost usual ways to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are through brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, and payment services. While this method is widely used, it is not a security setting. Fortunately, you can buy bitcoins directly from bitcoin ATMs. Here are the steps to buy bitcoin from an ATM.


What is a Bitcoin ATM?

Bitcoin ATMs are blockchain-enabled network kiosks that allow you to buy and sell bitcoins with the money you deposit. Cryptocurrency transactions are performed using a digital wallet for purchase and bitcoins sent to your account. Unlike regular ATMs, Bitcoin ATMs do not dispense cash.


As transactions are settled in cash, there is no need to link personal bank details. As an event, your personal information remains hidden. However, you should know How do bitcoin ATMs work? Before buying bitcoins via Bitcoin ATM (BATM).



How to buy bitcoins on an ATM


If you bought bitcoin through a cryptocurrency exchange, they should already accept a crypto wallet. Before heading to the nearest bitcoin ATM, you need to set up your crypto wallet and initiate a phone call. Here are the steps to buy Bitcoin through Bitcoin ATM.



    1. Firstly, you fully accept the creation of business relationships between BATM’sec operators. This is necessary in order to be able to prove your identity personally.


    1. So you need to scan your crypto wallet. This step is required to provide the wallet address where the bitcoins will be stored.


    1. You will find text indicating the amount of money you need to deposit. However, remember that the amount of bitcoin you receive depends on the current market price of electricity. At its peak, the amount was reduced based on the operating costs of bitcoin ATMs.


    1. After depositing a certain amount of money, you will immediately receive a confirmation that your crypto wallet has a standard for this transaction. This is how you get the bitcoins you buy.



Questions and Answers and Conclusions. can I use


Credit card today to buy bitcoins on BATM?


Unfortunately you can’t. Monetary need is one of the many benefits of using BATM. You use a credit card to buy bitcoins through a peer-to-peer network.


2. What is the BATM deposit limit?


Depending on your ATM provider, you may find much higher limits ranging from $ 0,000 to $ iii,500 per transaction. However, some operators may have higher deposit requirements.


So here are the steps to buy bitcoins from ATM. Depending on where you live, BATM troops may not be as available as in other landlocked countries. If this is an example, it is best to stick with your broker or crypto center.


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