organization created Menorah after the eighteenth A Japanese rice trader in the last century broke the human link between the trader’s emotional state and the demand for prices in the market. It has now also been used extensively to map the internal cryptocurrency market and the stock market. Knowing how to read Japanese candlestick charts is the key to success in cryptocurrency trading. Hence, this is the second behavior for beginners in reading crypto candlestick charts.


candle pattern

As mentioned in our previous article, there are four basic Japanese candlestick chart patterns on this page. One of them is the Engulfing chart, which can live divided into bearish and bullish. Besides this, there are 3 other graphic styles you need to know.



    • Doji: This chart roughly represents investor skepticism about the state of the cryptocurrency market. This state is represented by a candlestick with long upper and lower wicks with scattered rays.


    • Hammer: This model represents the cost of the asset falling just before the closing cost. It is represented by a long fuse between the pocket items in the terminals.


    • shooting star: Unlike the Hammer, the Meteor model has a slightly short and fairly long calf. This layout shows an increase in the cost of an asset followed by a sudden decrease.


How to Read Crypto Candlestick Charts


Some experts suggest making it easier to read live candlestick charts by using support and resistance levels. These levels are displayed outside the trend line that connects the price series. This is the method of How to read the coding scheme .


The support level is the price taken during a pullback where the crypto asset is expected to stop internally due to the focus on buying stocks. On the other hand, resistance levels are indicators that indicate targeted selling interest.


Trend lines allow you to easily determine the upward or downward trend of a cryptocurrency. Upward trend lines are drawn using activity lows and momentary lows over a given period of time. When the layers touch this work, you can see them supporting every little part.


On the other hand, a downtrend line is drawn using the second highest and highest price of the property. When the plane touches this job, they encounter the same resistance. The use of the two trend lines varies.


You can find traders buying crypto assets that basically support an uptrend line until they actually live and sell a downtrend resistance level. So adapt to your cryptocurrency trading strategy and situation. This information also concludes the article on how to read crypto candlestick charts for beginners.


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