Many cryptocurrency investors and traders are curious whether the cryptocurrency bull is over or not. but What is a Bull Go in Crypto? Cryptocurrency bull is a term used to describe a cryptocurrency market that experiences price increases in a specific four-dimensional period.


During this period, many investors bought crypto assets, leading to higher asset prices, higher demand over supply, and greater global confidence in the cryptocurrency market. The crypto bull feature has occurred twice, in 2013 and 2017.


Crypto Bull has fallen?

The cryptocurrency market has been in decline lately. But that doesn’t mean there is no hope that crypto bulls will thrive. For this reason, the bull run of domestic cryptocurrencies is not over yet.



    • mass adoption




The Republic of El Salvador has recently become the global launch pad for the adoption of Bitcoin as an official currency. The president offers citizens up to $ 30 worth of free bitcoins. Also, Panama is reportedly planning to take the same step. Many other countries are planning to create their own digital currencies.


According to the Chainalysis Global Cryptocurrency Adoption Index 2021, India is in a difficult position when it comes to the unit cost of adopting cryptocurrency. Indeed, cryptocurrency has become a rubber property to beat market volatility and inflation in many countries.


Companies like MicroStrategy and Square are increasing their investments in the cryptocurrency sector. Many companies also hope that attackers will soon receive cryptocurrencies with the same amount of official payments. This willingness to believe adds more value to the cryptocurrency, which contributes to the bullish activity.



    • gold cross




The golden cross indicates a situation where the short-term moving average of a crypto asset exceeds the long-term moving average. This condition emerged for Bitcoin in September, along with other similar types of golden crosses.


This comes from a tick bar that also has a cross halo between xxx and its 24 hour moving average. In the past, it has shown significant gains in trading volume. The Bitcoin hashbar is a measure of the computing power used on the Bitcoin network over a period of time.


As you can see, when these rates increase, the number of cryptocurrencies while streaming increases. Therefore, this is a sign that the work of the Taurus will continue.


This is close to the crypto bull feature. According to Huobi, the functionality of neighboring cryptocurrencies will be internal by 2025.


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