Leverage for cryptocurrency trading accounts is a tool that can help you a lot in calculating the risk and profit of cryptocurrency trading between levers. but What is leverage for cryptocurrency trading? ? Cryptocurrency leverage refers to a method that allows cryptocurrency investors and traders to trade between funds borrowed from a broker.

Usually this money goes through the rest of the merchant’s account. So it’s a smart way to maximize your profit after increasing your purchasing power. The category that comes closest to leveraged trading is the purchase of real estate.

When you buy a property, the developer will ask you for a deposit. The remaining amount is then paid after the house bank has taken care of the loan. This concept also applies to internal cryptocurrency trading.

For example, you want to buy x000 bitcoins, but you only get 000. To increase your potential net income, borrow $ 9000 from the relevant broker or exchange. Suppose the price of a bitcoin exceeds ten dollars. Since your commodity has 10x leverage, the value of the move remains at $ 100. Regardless of whether the cost of the asset goes up or down, you will feel 10x more impact from the momentum.

Below are the most popular platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrencies among the leveraged ones.


Founded in 2017, Dorsum has grown into a close-knit cryptocurrency trading platform. Currently, Binance is the second largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world with millions of transactions at any one time. You can enjoy goods on Binance using your iOS or Android device.

Crypto Exchanges With Leverage Trading Calculator Crypto

Looking at the data, Binance recently stopped marginalizing the Australian dollar, the euro and the British pound. This cryptocurrency exchange has nearly 200 cryptocurrency interest generating facilities for Binance savings accounts, unlike cryptocurrencies used for trading, offering up to 10x and 125x leverage on topographic spot trading, derivatives trading, etc. .


FTX was founded in mid-2019. The platform enables insurance funds and an incredible amount of liquidity for its users. FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers spot and derivative trading. Aside from that, users can also sell items for reserve tokens.

FTX offers a wide range of leveraged tokens, allowing for a payout capacity of up to $ 1,000 per day and up to 20x leverage.

For Bit

Founded in 2018, this leading cryptocurrency platform is dedicated to derivatives trading. ByBit allows leverage up to 100 times, the ability to make 100,000 trades each time and the final loss is also the acceptance of net orders by clicking “More”. Are you interested in using a computer for leveraged cryptocurrency trading?

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