Knowing how to read Binance’s cryptocurrency charts is important for cryptocurrency traders to help them analyze price movements. Then, they make the decision to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. All types of analysis, both technical and fundamental, will work on the charts to assess the state of the market on the second day and make future time predictions for price movements.


Therefore, as a cryptocurrency trader, different types of cryptocurrency charts should also know how to read cryptocurrency charts.


Line diagram

A sea occupation card is the simplest type of sea card, formed after drawing a line between the first closure and the adjacent closure. If accumulated continuously, it can cover most of the campaign costs, both up and down. In addition to cryptocurrencies, this nautical chart is used alongside other asset pricing efforts such as stock parity and forex or phone exchanges.




Unlike functional charts, which only provide information on closing results, bar charts actually calculate the opening price and each momentum element from the highest price to the lowest cost of the crypto asset. Ocean bar charts are therefore also known as OHLC charts. OHLC stands for Open, High, Low and Close.


The row to the left of the bar represents the opening cost. The line to the right of the bar represents the closing price, the bottom of the bar represents the lowest price, and the top of the bar represents the highest entry price for a given period.


The menstrual period varies depending on the time interval chosen by the merchant. You can experience five minutes, x minutes, xv minutes, 60 minutes, an average sunny day and a solar month.


Menorah table


The Nautical Sails chart contains the same detailed i-catamenia price data displayed on each nautical bar chart item. However, these candlestick charts are easier to read. The open, high, low and close prices are displayed as candles as specified by the take.


The candle wicks represent the ups and downs of crypto ownership, and the cut candles represent the range between the opening price and the closing cost.When the opening count is higher than the closing count, it is said to be a candle bearish, which is reddish in color. When the opening cost is lower than the closing cost, it is called a bullish candle and is light green in color.


Most cryptocurrency traders aim to slowly draw this candlestick chart How to read the coding scheme binance


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