If you are a cryptocurrency investor, selling your bitcoins is almost one of your usual activities. As you know, bitcoins can be sold via cryptocurrency exchanges, direct transactions, or fifty face-to-face transactions. But did you know that you can sell your bitcoins via a bitcoin ATM? How to use a bitcoin ATM to sell your bitcoins.


Advantages of selling cryptocurrency via BTM

If the fourth dimension is correct, you may want to sell your crypto assets to get paid. So why should you use a BTM (Bitcoin Teller Vehicle)? First, Bitcoin ATMs are very affordable. While cryptocurrency exchanges can take up to a week to process crypto transactions, BTM can take up to a full hour. In its heyday, BTM allowed anonymous transactions.


How to play Bitcoin ATM to sell cryptocurrency


Selling bitcoin via BTM can only be done with a two-way vehicle. The clarification question you need to boil is a bitcoin wallet. If you already have a bitcoin wallet, that too How do bitcoin ATMs work? To sell your bitcoins.


1. Find the nearest BTM


There are more than 34,000 BTMs around the world. So in this place you will probably find me on the corner of a shopping mall or mall. If you’re having trouble finding the i, use the many mapping tools available to pinpoint the location of the BTM.


2. Choose the put option


On the front of the car you will see several options including buying, selling or exchanging tickets. Choose Sell Selected to sell your bitcoins.


3. Choose the amount


Press the “+” or “-” button to set the total amount of bitcoins you want to sell. Depending on where you are, the intervals can vary greatly. After adjusting a lot, click the Sell Pay button to sell your bitcoins.


four send bitcoins


A receipt with a QR code is printed immediately. The QR code contains the address you want to send your bitcoins to. Scan the QR code with your mobile wallet to send bitcoins by post. Once the transaction is complete, you can redeem your ticket.


v. Scan the QR code


The last step to using a bitcoin ATM is to scan the QR code on the receipt. If the transaction is confirmed, we will refund your money. If not, Irada will be notified, for example, that the funds have not been withdrawn. In this case, you can contact ATM customer service for a solution.


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