Has the crypto bull feature expired? Readiness is a common question that interests you if you are interested in cryptocurrency trading. Well, despite the May crash, the cryptocurrency market is considered an insider as the bulls enter a specific menstrual cycle in 2021. While this is worrying for investors, these bulls will no longer live offline. This is roughly the reason why you shouldn’t be asking much to live with the fear that cryptocurrency bulls are looking to enter the near future.


Nail. repressed request

As many countries loosened their blocking rules, it is clear that companies were operating the same way before the outbreak of the virus. Consumer confidence is also increasing in the cryptocurrency market. It’s not just about further cryptocurrency purchases and upgrades.


from them. mass adoption


Several countries are starting to adopt cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as the official legal tender in the Republic of El Salvador, becoming the first country to do so. In addition, the President of the Republic of El Salvador gave his compatriots xxx dollars in the form of free bitcoins.


Furthermore, Panama will follow the example of its neighbor, the Republic of El Salvador, and create its own cryptocurrency. This digital currency is considered a rubber asset that can withstand market volatility and inflation.


Third. prohibition and oppression


It is true that many commentators report negatively on cryptocurrencies. However, that doesn’t stop countries like the Republic of El Salvador from having similar cryptocurrency investors that are spreading so aggressively that this digital currency can be accepted by all over the world. As more and more companies and institutions plan to adopt cryptocurrencies as legal tender, you can live with complete peace of mind Run bull figure It will live around you for years.


four “golden” crosses.


The “golden” cross is a term that refers to a situation where a short-term asset shifts the average price in the cryptocurrency market through a long-term moving average. As for Bitcoin, this “gold” crossover happened in September. It also occurs simultaneously with other types of golden crosses. This is taken as an indication that significant internal volume research is underway.


five. Scarcity triggered by the Bitcoin halving


Bitcoin halving usually occurs every four years. This causes more stress than necessary. This bullish trend also shows the first big things to expect in the cryptocurrency market.


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